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LPC4357 - Dual Core Debugging Broken

Question asked by Eli Hughes Employee on Apr 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2017 by LPCX presso support

I have a project that has been working in LPCxpresso V8.2.  After bringing it into MCUXpresso I noticed odd behavior with dual core debugging in the LPC4357.


Step 1:   Start Debugging the M4.    The debugger will download and run to main.  I will leave it paused

Step 2:  Start Debugging the M0 as "attach only".

Step 3:  Press Go for the M4.     The M0 session will how be stopped at main

Step 4:  I place a breakpoint at a known place I know the M0 code will reach and press Go.


The M4 will stop after Step 4.   Both Cores are running FreeRTOS.   It uses pauses in the Idle Task.