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PXP - YUV to RGB conversion

Question asked by Tanguy Ophoff on Apr 12, 2017
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I am trying to use the pxp on a i.MX 6UL (bare metal) to convert YUV images to RGB so I can display them on an LCD screen.

The images are in YUV422 with the BT.601 colorspace, and I am using the default conversion values, as proposed in the i.MX 6UL user manual.

I disabled the LUT, CSC2 and I am not merging AS & PS through the pxp.


I am not sure what I am doing wrong, but the images are not correctly transformed (see images).

It doesn't look like the pixels are all wrong, but rather like the pxp is classifying the pixels. I found some register definitions about a histogram classification algorithm in the user manual, but couldn't find more information about it.

To me it seems like the pxp is using this algorithm to classify the image, rather than just converting it...


How can I disable this classification? Or what am I doing wrong?

If you need more info (like register values), ask me and I'll respond asap!

Any help is appreciated!


ps: The images are taken with my phone, and thus are of rather bad quality...