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Regarding 24MHz Crystal of MCIMX6G3CVM05AA

Question asked by arvapally kumaraswamy on Apr 12, 2017
Latest reply on May 30, 2017 by jamesbone

hello ,

we have gone through latest Freescale Design files(SPF-28617_C5) where we observed that resistor divider circuit at 24MHz crystal (pin T17 , XTALO ) the resistor values are 0 ohm and 499 ohm and we are also referring Freescale Design files(SPF-29105_C) where they are using resistor divider circuit as 1K and 2K ohm , and in Errata sheet (ERR009455 ) suggested to use 1K and 499 ohm.

we are in bit confusion which to use ,kindly suggest us which is right one

Please find the attachmed images for your reference .