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mpc5554 strange error

Question asked by xiangyang zhao on Aug 1, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2008 by Etienne Alepins
when i debug an empty project created follow the cw wizard,it works ok(flash mode), 
 but when i change the code start address
internal_flash:       org = 0x00020000,   len = 0x00060000 
in -flash.clf.         it does not work,can you tell me why? it is an empty project, i do not
add any user code.
for example  i change org = 0x00020000  to another address org = 0x00100000, it can not work.   it always reset.  and can you tell me why? can you tell me something about how to change my code start address? 
the tools i use are P&E powerpc nexus debugger,codewarrior for mpc55xx V2.2 and Axiom MPC5554evb board .
thanks, regards