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how 64bit bitfield?

Question asked by Ivan Zoli on Apr 11, 2017
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i am porting a library from 32bit ARM to CW for MPC5644A. I have a structure like this that is sent ont a communication line:


struct {
   u64 time : 44; // msec since 1/1/1970
   u64 id : 6; // msg id
} field;


with u64 defined as unisigned long long.


I'd prefer to avoid to break time in L and H part as:


struct {
   u32 pass_time_l; // msec since 1/1/1970
   u32 pass_time_h : 12; // msec since 1/1/1970
   u32 two_way_id : 6; // two_way_id
} field;


beacuse there is a lot of code to change. Is there any solution?


Thank you, regards