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How can I run an Application on the S12ZVM stand alone (without connection to Codewarrior)

Question asked by Christian Britwum on Apr 11, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2017 by Christian Britwum

So far I've found no way to run my S12ZVM-Controller stand alone without Codewarrior. The Code is created with Processor Expert. I want the Controller to be flashed Properly and to work without performing a new Programming process with Code Warrior.

After a Reset it is possible to communication via UART with the Controller which means that the Programm is Running. However the GDU is not working and the Motor is not actuated. When I program the Controller with the Multilink in Codewarrior (Run: Ctrl F11) the Program is initialised properly and the GDU starts. Is there any Configuration within Codewarrior or of the BCD-Interface to make my Application true stand alone?