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using OpenVG based on GC355 on imx6 Dual

Question asked by satyanarayana murthy on Apr 11, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2017 by Bio_TICFSL

I am using Yocto BSP for imx6 Dual and I have an example which uses OpenVG for rendering and i like to use Now, I see that it is taking more CPU load around 100%.

I have a doubt and ran Tiger example which also i see that it is taking 50% cpu.

Based on documentation, i see that i can link to  for using GPU in imx6Dual.

We are using version 5.0.11.

But if i use OpenGL using GC2000 it is taking less CPU.

Is it that on imx6 Dual we dont use complete HW capabilities of GC355 or is there something i am missing.......