László Monda

We're looking for a Kinetis / KBOOT / BusPal developer

Discussion created by László Monda on Apr 10, 2017

Hi there,


I'm Laszlo Monda, the founder and lead of the Ultimate Hacking Keyboard, which is a crowdfunded, split, mechanical keyboard.


We use Kinetis processors, and most of the things are already working, but we need expert help with the bootloader of the left keyboard half. A part-time, remote arrangement would work well for us, and we can provide a keyboard prototype.


Please let me get to the point quickly:

  • The right keyboard half features a K22 which is connected to USB and runs KBOOT.
  • The left keyboard half features a KL03 which is connected to the right keyboard half via I2C.


We can already update the firmware of the right keyboard half via USB. In order to be able to update the firmware of the left keyboard half via USB, we need the following:

  • Set up the BCA of the KL03.
  • Jump to the KBOOT of the KL03 which resides in its ROM.
  • Port BusPal to the K22 (using KDS) to translate the KBOOT protocol between the USB host and the KL03, and help it integrate to our firmware.


The UHK is open source and hosted on GitHub, including the firmware, bootloader, and electronics design.


If you're interested in working with us, please send me your relevant experience, availability, expected timeframe, and hourly rate to laszlo.monda@ultimategadgetlabs.com


Thank you for reading my message, and I'm looking forward to working with you.


- Laci