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NFC Cockpit Tool - HALIO_TIMEOUT error

Question asked by Rob Mitrunen on Apr 10, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2017 by Matthew Lynch

My customer would like to use the OM25180FDK: PN5180 NFC Frontend Development Kit to read a NXP ICode SLIX (ISO 15693) 6mm tag.


They have the NFC Cockpit Tool communicating with PNEV5180 eval board and are able to go through the steps to load protocol, turn off RF ,etc


However for their setup, it always fails at “Activate Layer4” step. See screenshot below. They would like it if NXP can provide insight to reasons why. I believe they are reading an ISO 14443 tag.




The Activate Layer4 step is referred to as Request for Answer To Select (RATS) in the PN5180 Product Support Package Presentation.


As a next step, they will be creating application software to talk to the firmware via USB. They would like to understand better how to control the RF power for their prototype.


I asked them to review AN11742 Dynamic Power Control app note.