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Required steps for porting NFC_NXP_Lib to LPC11u68

Question asked by Mahmoud Hosseini on Apr 9, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2017 by Mahmoud Hosseini

Hi every one,

I'm trying to port nxp_nfc_lib to the lpc11u68 mcu ,as you know supporting this mcu is removed in latest library release(V4.06),but because of complex relation between sources,I was not able to do this.

I also test V4.03 which contain lpc11u68 configuration,but when I changed build configuration and mcu setting from lpc1769 to lpc11u68 and uncommenting #define NXPBUILD__PH_LPC11U68,examples are not compiled successfully,seems compiler can not recognized hardware peripheral(spi,gpio,...)

Is there any one here with successfully running this library on lpc11u68?

Also why there is phPlatform_Port_LPC1769_PN5180.h header file but there is not some thing like that for lpc11u68 and pn5180 ?I'm using lpcxpressi 8.2.2