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KW41Z Dongle Install Questions

Question asked by Bob Garrow on Apr 8, 2017
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Subject: KW41Z Dongle.

Background: I'm trying to get a KW41Z dongle working on a Windows 7 system which happens to be a Dell T3500.   I'd like the dongle to support WireShark, which it does, but I'd also like it to work in promiscuous mode.   I'm having trouble getting the KW41Z to be seen by my Dell.    In the Devices and Printers screen for instance, all I get when I plug the dongle in is an "Unspecified" device described as a "Virtual Com Port (COM7).   I believe this is due to my system not having the correct drivers even though I downloaded and installed both the "KW41Z Connectivity Software" for developers and the "Kinetis Protocol/Analyzer Adapter" software.


Question 1:  I've been told that, to do what I'd like to do, I must have a later version of Windows, preferably either Windows 8 or Windows 10.   Is this correct?

Question 2: Given the two download/installs mentioned above, shouldn't I have the correct drivers for the KW41Z?  If not, how can I get them?

Question 3: In a separate community discussion, see link below,  it appears that the KW41Z w NXP software will NOT support BLE in promiscuous mode.   Is that correct?

KW41Z sniffer dongle questionKW41Z sniffer dongle question

KW41Z sniffer dongle questionCheers,

Bob Garrow