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My application for LPC54114 not working in ISP mode

Question asked by Siva Kumar on Apr 9, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2017 by Kerry Zhou



I am working on a secondary bootloader for the 54114 chip on a LPCXpresso5411x board. Everything works well when I use the debugger (Keil) or the flash magic to program the image. But the same image doesn't seem to work in the ISP mode. I have correctly set the valid image checksum using the ELFDWT.EXE tool and the image headers have been set to legacy mode. 


Once I copy the .bin file in ISP mode (SW4 + SW2) and if I do a reset (SW4), the board remains in the ISP mode and never comes out unless I use the debugger or flash magic to re-flash it. As per the UM, the only requirement for a legacy image is that the checksum of the first 8 32-bit words of the image must add to 0x00000000. This criteria is being met in my application but still I am not able to get it work.


Any help or suggestion with respect to this issue would be deeply appreciated.


Thanks in advance.