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LS1043A, Booting Process

Question asked by Logesh S on Apr 8, 2017
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In LS1043A, Kindly confirm my understanding in booting process. I had gone through the chapter 4 of the Reference Manual just want to confirm my understanding. Below i'm listing down in steps.


1. Processor should be powered up as per power up sequence with PORESETn in LOW state.

2. PORESETn is released from out of reset, with POR configurations pins are sampled.

3. only PORESETn will be out of reset and HRESET continues to be in RESET and RCW data is loaded from External memory during this time from RCW source. (Please confirm does this state is mentioned PBL?)

4. HRESET will be out of RESET and PBI takes place from PBI Source, i.e., If NOR is Chosen as PBI SRC then boot image is loaded from NOR and once booting is done it will go to linux page.


Please correct me if my understanding is wrong.