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MQX 4.1.2 for Vybrid - SAI problems

Question asked by James Herrera on Apr 7, 2017
Latest reply on May 2, 2017 by Carlos_Musich

I'm trying to set the SAI2 port on the Cortex M4 core of a MVF60NS151CMK50 and when I try to read the memory mapped registers in the I2S_MemMap struct mys system hangs.  Has anyone else seen this problem?  I'm using MQX 4.1.2 for the Vybrid and the gcc-arm-none-eabi-4_8-2014q1-20140314-linux compiler.  In the: _ksai_hw_init function, any time I

try to read the member variables of the I2S_MemMap struct the system hangs.   The i2s_ptr has the right value of

0x40031000, but if I try something like: 

val = i2s_ptr->RCSR;  I get nothing and the systems locks up.  This is where I'm looking in the sai_dma_ksai.c file.


/* ================== General receiver configuration ==================== */
if (set_rx)
printf("\n Set Rx \n");
uint8_t rx_channel = ksai_init_ptr->RX_CHANNEL;
printf("i2sptr = 0x%.8x \n", i2s_ptr);
printf("i2sptr->rcsr = %d \n", i2s_ptr->RCSR);
i2s_ptr->RCSR = 0;