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saturated operation of LNA

Question asked by Ezekiel Poulose on Apr 7, 2017

Part in discussion : BGU7051

Area of doubt :saturated operation of LNA

If a combined signal of 600 Mhz  10 dbm CW along with -130dbm 900 Mhz CW is being given at the input of the part in discussion fed with a 3.3 volt  supply 
1.      What gain could I get for the 900 component?
2.      Is the compression after p1db based on attack release method ,in which case please provide attack and release time .
3.      If not and it is based on instantaneous power (soft clipping) then is the understanding correct that the o/p slowly  starts clipping towards a square wave  waveform with rounded edges and as power level goes high from about 12.5dbm input  it goes more squarer .in which case I may not reproduce (the phase ,frequency info )the 900mhz correctly as during the squarer part of the o/p waveform there isn’t any 900mhz information making through .The 600mhz component will still pass through the frequency and phase information with some degradation on the amplitude information.
4.      Will the LNA take time to regain its active operation from a saturated state ?if yes how much in my case ?
5.      Can you please explain the saturation mode operation little detailed for the above part ?