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default pin status after reset

Question asked by david sun on Apr 7, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2017 by david sun

Dear Support, 

I am a little confused about the status during the chip is holding in reset mode. 

in K24P144M120SF5, Rev 5, 12/2014

chapter 5.1 there is a column called Default, is this the pin definition when chip is hold in reset mode. 

what is the difference between Default and ALT0. noticed that all DISABLED pins in Default column, there are empty in ALT0 column. 

is the DISABLED means the pin is put in Hi-Impedance( disconnected). 

in K24 Sub-Family Reference Manual(K24p144M120SF5RM.

in table 10-2, Pin mux at reset. most of the port are ALT0.  


Here is why I ask this question.  in our design, we connected Pin C4 and D5 to a uart port. I want to know what is the status ( voltage level if we have 1M ohm pull down resistor) during reset. 

second question is if the chip is brand new, not programmed. what is the pin C4 and D5 status after reset?

third question, if I use freescale KDS 3.2.0. "flash from file function", in Debugger function. I checked "Mass erase on connect" without any "preserve" and didn't assign a symbols or a file in Startup Menu. if I execute Flash. I believe the tools will do a "mass erase on connect" and failed to flash a new image to the chip. 

is the chip in default factory status after this mass erase? what is the expectation of the pins out of reset?  if the chip is in a unknown status, is there a simple way to reset the chip to factory default use Freescale KDS or any other tools?




David Sun