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IMX6Q - boot from eMMC

Question asked by Abdulaziz Aydoğmuş on Apr 6, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2017 by igorpadykov

Hi, we have Imx6qsabre-sd based custom board, with ram 2 gb micron Ram and 4gb Micron eMMC. It can boot from sd card with our yocto image.


We want to boot from eMMC, in order to achieve this I have tried two method mainly:


1) I can write our yocto *****.sdcard image(same image with sdcard image) into eMMC with sdcard boot, but when I configure switches (1-2-4-6-7 on) it does not start from eMMC.

2) When I write u-boot.imx, dtb file, zImage and rootfs of sdcard image using Mfgtool, It does not boot from eMMC when I made switch configurations. In both try, It goes into download mode.


As far as I see, for both methods, partition sizes and start points differs from each other. Mfgtool work with imx6qpsabre-sd board fine and is same for all boards in Mfgtool, so its partition sizes should be true. I did not make any configuration on yocto layers for boot from eMMC, I am using same resources of sdcard. Is there any configurations for yocto or u-boot-fscl? In addition to this, when I write UBOOT_CONFIG = "emmc" into the local.conf file yocto does not generate u-boot.imx image. How should be partiton table for eMMC and what is jump address of rom.