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Does the u-boot  copy itself to DRAM  or the ROM code copies u-boot to DRAM ?

Question asked by Aditya Nagal on Apr 6, 2017
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Hi ,

I am working on IMX6 solo based target board. Considering NOR flash is interfaced with IMX6 solo ,

when the CPU boots up , it checks for the IVT (Image Vector Table) in the NOR Flash , calculate the offset as per the NOR Flash , add it to the base address and then jump to the DCD table( Device Configuration data ) , read the configuration registers and initialize the peripheral .

My questions are :

1)  once the DRAM is initialsed by the ROM , does the u-boot copies/loads itself to the DRAM or the ROM copies/loads the u-boot to the DRAM ?

2) Do the some instructions get executed directly from the NOR flash prior relocating the u-boot to the DRAM ?

Kindly suggest


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Aditya Nagal