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Maximum IMX7D GPIO toggle frequency - A7 versus M4

Question asked by jsm09a on Apr 5, 2017

On an iMX7D, using Linux /dev/mem and mmap, I am able to achieve a maximum GPIO toggle rate of 10 Mhz from the (master) A7 core running at 1GHz (i.e. each GPIO transition requires ~ 50 ns).  However, when using direct (ASM) access from the Cortex-M4 (running at 238 MHz), the maximum achievable toggle rate drops to ~ 3.3 Mhz - the actual STR instruction writing the bit toggle to the GPIO4 data register requires a full 150 ns to complete (as measured by SYST_CVR reads before and after).


I have enabled Cortex-M4 LMEM caching and programmed the Cortex-M4 MPU to treat the GPIO4 memory space as NON-SHAREABLE, DEVICE MEMORY without any improvement in the toggle rate.  Is there any way to improve the GPIO access speed from the Cortex-M4 core , or is this a fundamental limitation of the architecture ?


Thanks, Scott.