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FlexNVM as EEPROM is Slow

Question asked by Benjamin Schroeder on Apr 5, 2017
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I'm currently working on a project where we plan to use FlexNVM as EEPROM with a K61.  We are not writing huge amounts of data, but maybe something like 16 bytes every time 60 seconds has passed.


What I'm noticing is that if I time how long the EEERDY flag takes to set within FCNFG after every write.  It can take up to 667 microseconds, and this is per 32-bit write.


We currently are running in a real-time scheduler, and this is obviously not easy to schedule.  We could queue everything that needs to be written, and write it during slack/background time, but that is undesired if we can avoid it.


Anyone have any insight on how to speed this up, or have any novel improvements to what I'm trying to do?