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Watchdog imx6

Question asked by If Zhao on Apr 5, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2017 by Yuri Muhin

hi, all


Imx6 duallite with BSP 4.3 is used here. Android system is running. But sometime it reboot, and the boot type is watch dog.I 've kept record both of logcat and kmsg. But find nothing, it's so strange.!!


this is setting of watchdog:

<3>[ 14.988727] init: watchdogd:getsupport indent=0x8380
<3>[ 14.993958] init: watchdogd:getstatus flags=0x0
<3>[ 14.998648] init: watchdogd:getbootstatus flags=0x0
<3>[ 15.003757] init: watchdogd:gettimeout = 30
<3>[ 15.008113] init: watchdogd:getpretimeout = 5


if the reboot is caused by watchdog, why there is no exception or kernel crash or any other abnormal printing in kernel and logcat ? If not, what's this shit?