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Procedure to enable AFI password in ICODE SLIX tag

Question asked by Morten Moller on Apr 4, 2017
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I might be asking this question in the wrong forum, so feel free to move this to the proper location.


I am developing an application that needs to enable and use the AFI-password protection feature in ICODE SLIX tags. While the command reference states which ISO 15693 commands to use, it does not state in which order.


Does anyone know which ISO 15693 commands and the sequence of them is needed in order to enable AFI-password protection.


I am aware of the procedure to "set" password (get random number -> XOR -> set password), but I need to be able to activate it in the tags in the first place. 


So far what I have read is that I must use the ISO 15693 0xA6 command (password protect EAS/AFI), but that requires the password to be set. In order for me to do this there must be a default password on which I need to do the above operation. But what is the default password? is it just plain 0?


I hope someone is able to help with this.


Thank you in advance.