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K82 Kinetics DAC Voltage reference

Question asked by Manuel Iglesias on Apr 4, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2017 by Manuel Iglesias

Hello All,


Will appreciate anyone that can clarify the following about K82 Voltage Reference for DAC module. 


Datasheet page 52 Note 1 says:

"The DAC reference can be selected to be VDDA or VREFH."


But reference manual page 1429 (46.1.3 12-Bit DAC Reference) says:

"For this device VREF_OUT and VDDA are selectable as the DAC reference.
VREF_OUT is connected to the DACREF_1 input and VDDA is connected to the
DACREF_2 input. Use DACx_C0[DACRFS] control bit to select between these two


I need to use a precision 2.5V reference, should I then connect the Reference Output to VDDA? and leave VREFH floating, I cannot see how to select the VREFH for DAC, for ADC there is the SC register.


Thank you in advance,