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CMSIS and Codewarrior

Discussion created by Tobias Hofbaur on Apr 4, 2017
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for an ARM Cortex M4 project, i want to use the CPU specific instructions for sqrt using the ARM Toolchain  with the ARM Compiler.

I can sucessfully include CMSIS into the project, however, it seems, that the necessary macros are not generated (e.g. compiler etc.)

Moreover, if I strip everything unnecessary from CMSIS and onyl include the bare VSQRT in the syntax of CMSIS

      __asm("VSQRT.F32 %0,%1" :  "=t"(*pOut) : "t"(in));   (wrapped in a function)

the compiler complains about the constraints.


Do you know what is going wrong, or what I have to change? Unfortunately i cannot find a detailed documentation on the Freescale Arm Compiler or the vsqrt.