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iMX6q Sabre Auto - GPIO Pin number for LVDS backlight enable

Question asked by Akhil Gopi on Apr 3, 2017
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Backlight of LVDS display connected to iMX6 is going off(issue) during android kernel bootup. On uboot LVDS backlight is available(no issue). 

On backlight driver "drivers/video/backlight/pwm_bl.c" inside "pwm_backlight_probe()" function "gpio_is_valid(data->enable_gpio)" returns error. So "pb->enable_gpio" descriptor is unavailable and "gpiod_direction_output(pb->enable_gpio, 1);"  could not set. 

I think if we specify the GPIO pin number of backlight enable pin, then we can set its direction and make it high for back light. Please comment on this and let me know the GPIO Number for LVDS backlight enable.