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Is PPC_DISABLE_THREADS for e6500 rev2 needed? Whats this errata?

Question asked by Kiran Kumar A on Apr 3, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2017 by Kiran Kumar A

We see that PPC_DISABLE_THREADS only needed for e6500 Rev1 chip; However we see that, if we dont use this even for our Rev2 processor core, then we see that CPU get stuck in high traffic condition when the traffic is stopped after few hours; When we enable this erratum, only then, the issue goes away. however only 12 cores can be used now.

I need to know, whether this change is required for Rev2?

If we do the change, are there any side effects because we, now, get only 12 cores instead of 24 cores?

Share the errata please?