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How can i get the maximum STCU2 clock of MPC5777C?

Question asked by JONGMIN NA on Apr 3, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2017 by Peter Vlna

Dear NXP engineers,


I want to find out the maximum clock for the STCU2 of MPC5777C.

As you know, I have to write the UTEST area with DCF.

Even if I can overwrite DCF area for the STCU2, I have a limited chance for the STCU clock configuration.

Refer to MPC5777C_BIST_Execution_Time.xlsx which is attached to AN5288, On-line and Off-line test time is too long to meet our customer's requirement. So I think I have to change PLL configuration.


For this reason, I have 2 questions.

Plus, This is my system information.

1. XOSC : 40MHz X-tal.

2. System clock : 264MHz

3. Power-up delay according to our customer's requirement : under the 50ms

    Power-down delay according to our customer's requirement : under the 50ms


Question 1 : If you did test with maximum clock, same as shortest execution time of off-line and on-line test result, Please let me know that result.

Also We should test all memory and logic partition.


Question 2  : Do we have to set to 50MHz for the STCU2 if we want to stable operation?

According to the AN5288, MPC5777C STCU Quick Start Guide

I could see recommended register value. Like below.


Recommended Register Value
• SIU_SYSDIV: 0x0000B010


Recommended Register Value
• PLLDIG_PLL0DV: 0x2006200F


Both 2 case STCU clock is 50MHz, So I worried that If I would set to above 50MHz, There would be unexpected error during execution.

Our OEM doesn't want to unexpected execution and error.




Please give me your valuable answer!