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Kernel Update in MPC8323E-RDB

Question asked by Narreddi Siva Prakash Reddy on Apr 3, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2017 by Pavel Chubakov


      Can any one help me in updating 2.6.20-kernel to higher version for the development board MPC8323E-RDB.? I am using MPC8323E-RDB board and I downloaded ISO image from nxp website. I built this with LTIB and finally I got the linux kernel with 2.6.20 version. In the progress of driver development of I am facing some issues with this versions for example that it not supporting some Kernel-APIs. I didn't find any other option for selecting other than 2.6.20 kernel while kernel configuration using LTIB.


Please, help in updating the kernel to higher supportive kernel to this development board.


Thanks and Regards,

Siva Prakash Reddy Narreddy