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Programming K64F in production

Question asked by Daniel Caetano on Apr 3, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2017 by Erich Styger

Hi all,


We are approaching production phase of a board we developed based on the K64FN1M0VLQ12 processor, and are faced with the problem of in-factory programming of the mcu.


All we needed was to download the Kinetis Bootloader (which unfortunately does not come pre-programmed) via JTAG into the mcu, and we could handle the rest via COM port.


We were looking for the simplest affordable solution and found the mikroProg programmer mikroProg for Kinetis - ARM USB 2.0 Programmer/Debugger | MikroElektronika .


What we would like to know is if anyone has tried this product before and recommends it, or if there is another solution we missed.


Thank you all very much,