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mpc5748g canfd receive

Question asked by chen xiubo on Apr 3, 2017
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     I'm  using   mpc5748g  canfd module to receive lots of  messages. But canfd module can't use  Receive FIFO function.

Now I  am using one  buf  such as  buf[3]  to receive these messages(not rx interrupt), I found some messages  that missing.   

      My project need to receive can2.0b messages and canfd messages from car's controllers through  can bus.   If there are not canfd messages, I can using RX FIFO interrupt function to receive messages in case of losing messages. But there are canfd messages(canfd cannot use FIFO function).

     Here are my questions: Should I use Rx Interrupt function  without  FIFO? How can I configure registers?

Or if I don't need Rx Interrupt function to receive meesges,how can I configure registers?

      Thank you!


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