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How to use all PIT modules in MQX 3.8?

Discussion created by Dao Yan Lim on Apr 2, 2017



I have posted a similar discussion here: PIT0 Timer Module, and GPIO Direct Acess , but that has become stagnant... I have tried for a very long time to get all PIT modules to work in ISR in MQX 3.8 but to no avail. I can only get at most two to work simultaneously.


Here are my specs:

- TWR-K60N512

PK60DN512Z VMD10 chip

Codewarrior 10.5 IDE

MQX 3.8


I've read somewhere on the forum to not modify PIT0 module, but was told it shouldn't matter. I don't think it matters either, because I couldn't even get PIT1, PIT2, and PIT3 to work simultaneously at all... Also, what confuses me even more is that, at one point, I was able to get all PIT modules working in ISR mode simultaneously. 


If somebody else could help me troubleshoot this, that would be great. I have attached my code for your reference.



Original Attachment has been moved to: main.c.zip