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Can not boot QSPI2-Nor-Flash with i.mx6SoloX

Question asked by 宏方 市川 on Apr 2, 2017



Is 6 SoloX (MCIMX6X1AVO08AB) capable of starting with QSPI 2 - Nor - Flash boot even when USB-OTG1 and SD card are unmounted?
I wrote QuadSPI Configuration Parameters (512 B) to Nor-Flash offset value 0x400 connected to SS0 of QSPI2A1 using the J-TAG debugger, wrote u-boot-qspi2.Imx created with Yocto to offset value 0x1000 but it did not start.


BOOT_CFG[7:0] = 0x18 ([2:0]=000b,[3]=1b,[7:4]=0001b)


BOOT_MODE[1:0]=10b (Internal ROM Boot)



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