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SD card insert cause Hardware reset/crash

Question asked by Haggay Tavyumi on Apr 2, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2017 by Haggay Tavyumi

Hello All


We use our own custom designed board that include The iMX6D ,based on the SabreSD example.

We run on it Yocto 1.8 with BSP version 3.14.52 .


We use SD2 port for WIFI communication, SD3 for SD slot and SD4 for eMMC.


The system is working good with one problem:

If you insert an SD card while the system is running  it cause the system, to crash with out errors.

I am pretty sure it is Hardware problem.

I did several tests, one of them was to check if it happening in the "u-boot" too and it does.

One more thing it is that it doesn't happens with all SD cards.

I can't tell why but it usually happening with the faster SD cards.
I have compared it with the Wanboard I have loaded both of them in to "U-Boot". Then inserted  a problematic SD card. The Wandboard worked perfect while my custom board  crashed.
I looked for differences in the designs:
1. In my design I don't use 33 ohm resistor in series on the clock line.
2. The Wandboard design use SD2 while I use SD3 in my design.

Any suggestions?