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JN5168 - Power Consumption

Question asked by Jia Na Lai on Apr 3, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2017 by David Ashraf

By referring to the JN5168 datasheet, the power consumption of module for sleep mode as the following.

Deep sleep current - 100nA
Sleep current - 0.70uA


I have using the JN-AN-1175-JN516x-Packet-Error-Rate-Tool application and DR1174 evaluation board to measure the current consumption. I have put the sleep mode inside the cold start.


PUBLIC void AppColdStart(void)
/* Initialise the hardware API */

volatile int i;


/* Disable watchdog if enabled by default */

/* Initialise the production test API */





I have followed the user guide to measure the current as the following.


2.4 Current Measurement
To allow sleep current measurements of the JN51xx module to be taken, the MOD PWR jumper should be removed (see Section 2.1 for its location) and replaced with a multi-meter.


The current of deep sleep mode is around 33 uA.


Why is it so much different between the current consumption mentioned on the datasheet and the value what i have measured?