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SDK v2.0-1703 does not contain LS1088A support

Question asked by Oleg Kholupov on Apr 2, 2017

New SDK v2.0-1703 supports only the following list of BSP's.

. ./fsl-setup-env -h output

Supported machines:
b4420qds-64b b4420qds b4860qds-64b b4860qds c293pcie ls1021atwr ls1043aqds ls1043ardb ls2080ardb p2041rdb p3041ds p4080ds p5020ds-64b p5020ds p5040ds-64b p5040ds t1023rdb-64b t1023rdb t1024rdb-64b t1024rdb t1040d4rdb-64b t1040d4rdb t1042d4rdb-64b t1042d4rdb t2080qds-64b t2080qds t2080rdb-64b t2080rdb t4160qds-64b t4160qds t4240qds-64b t4240qds t4240rdb-64b t4240rdb ls1012afrdm-32b ls1012afrdm ls1012ardb-32b ls1012ardb ls1043ardb-32b ls1046ardb-32b ls1046ardb ls2088ardb