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i.MX6 - DDR3L

Question asked by Woon Thong on Mar 31, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2017 by Mark Middleton

 I am using the MVF61NS151CMK50 (IC, MCU, Vybrid, Dual Core A5 & M4, 500MHz). Originally, the design was created with DDR3 (x16), but it has gone EOL. We have moved to the DDR3L, but operating at +1.5V, which should make it DDR3 compliant. We built only a small number of boards when we were using the DDR3, but it seemed to work. When we moved to production with more boards with the DDR3L, a number of boards fail when booting U-Boot, hanging the SOC is trying to communicate with the DD3L.

The connection (and layout) between the processor and DRAM is essentially copied from your tower eval board.


Can you recommend DRAM config settings? And/or suggest how we can dig deeper into this problem?