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T1040 Core Not Responding

Question asked by Nick Sutch on Mar 31, 2017
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We have a new design with a T1040 processor - this is the first time we have brought it up so no previous configuration existed. I've used the QCVS tool to generate the RCW and created a JTAG chain config file from the QCVS output. I've also configured a remote session to connect to the T1040 via the CodeWarrior Tap.


I'm getting an error (CCSProtocolPlugin : Failed to correctly configure JTAG chain). Looking at the CodeWarrior Tap console it shows ccs_error = 39.


I've also connected to the T1040 via the CCS console with the following commands:


delete all
config cc cwtap
ccs::config_chain t1040

I get the following error on the console: 'T1040: Core not responding'.


I've attached a diagram of our T1040 JTAG chain (there are no other devices on the chain). I have also confirmed that the power rails are ok and th epower manager has released the reset which feeds into the T1040's PORn signal is no asserted.


Any advice or steps to help debug the error would be much appreciated.


Thanks you