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How to open CCS console

Question asked by Nick Sutch on Mar 31, 2017
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I'm new to the CW software so forgive the basic question, but how do I open the CCS console to type commands?


We have a new design with a T1040 processor - this is the first time we have brought it up so no previous configuration existed. I've used the QCVS tool to generate the RCW and created a JTAG chain config file from the QCVS output. I've also configured a remote session to connect to the T1040 via the CodeWarrior Tap.


I'm getting an error (CCSProtocolPlugin : Failed to correctly configure JTAG chain). Looking at the CodeWarrior Tap console it shows ccs_error = 39. There appears to be similar situations on the community but most of them talk about entering commands such as '(bin) 1 % findcc cwtaps' into the CCS consolse. 


I can see the CCS as a background process in Windows Task Manager (I'm running Windows 8.1) but I can't see how to open it so that I can enter commands.


Running CodeWarrior Development Suite for Power Architecture v10.5.0


What am I doing wrong??