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P&E Multilink --> TBDML in Codewarrior

Question asked by Sterling Skinner on Jul 30, 2008
I have written some code for a Axiom CSM-12D board and MC9S12DT256 processor using Codewarrior HC12S V4.7    I have been downloading and debugging the code with a P&E Multilink USB-BDM module.
NOW, I want to SWITCH to the very similar Axiom Manufacturing CSMB-12DT256 board that has the TBDML download capability built in.
How can I add a the TBDML target option to the Codewarrior project without building the entire project over again from scratch?
Here was an idea I found on this type of problem from another forum....
How do I add the P&E Multilink as a target to an existing project?  I'm
able to add a target and give it a name, but I don't see anything in
the settings that lets me set that I want to use the multilink for

I could of course start a new project, and set Multilink as one of the
targets when it's created.  I'd rather not do that though, since I'm
worried there might be a conflict with some of the code the wizard


Hi Mike,
Create new project supporting the P&E Multilink, grab the *.ini file the
wizard generated and delete the rest of the new project .

Now copy this ini file to your existing project, create a new build
target with "Project->Create Target" (while the Targets tab is selected
in the project window) and now, the thing you explicitely asked for,
insert the name of the new ini file in the "Build Extras" preference
panel of the new build target in the "Arguments" field instead of the
previous one.
Old command line:
%targetFilePath -Prod=%projectFileDir\Simulator.ini -instance=sim
New command line:
%targetFilePath -Prod=%projectFileDir\P&E_ICD.ini -instance=icd12

Note: the -instance part is optional, it is only used to decide if an
existing instance should be reused. When you change it, a different
hiwave debugger will be started for the different build targets.

Note2: The actual target connection to be used is stored in the *.ini
file. You can also change it with the HIWAVE "Component->Set Target" (or
with newer versions, "Component->Set Connection") menu.




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