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Porting tfa9879 audio codec to Rpi3 modelB

Question asked by Hardik Rathore on Mar 31, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2017 by Hardik Rathore

Hi All,
I have to use I2s to interface Rpi3 with codec tfa9879.
So we have 6 input for this codec
i) Rpi_PCM_FS (GPO_19_PCM_FS)
iv)Rpi_SCL (GPIO_03_SCL)
v) Rpi_SDA (GPIO_02_SDA)
vi)Rpi_ADSEL2 (GPIO_13)


I got kernel source code with
$ git clone --depth=1
and using replace default kernel of raspian jessie with this compiled kernel.


Now for I2s interface, I'm confused in linux driver part.
In path "linux/sound/soc/bcm " we have many platform drivers for audio codec but I'm not getting any I2s driver related to tfa9879 while codec driver is available in path "linux/sound/soc/codecs/tfa9879.c"


Do i need to add anything in dts file?
How about I2c interface for this codec? or will codec driver take care of i2c interface?


I'm following the same steps to cross-compile the kernel given in ... for Rpi3 model B(processor bcm2837).