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Blinky no blink, but can step debug?

Question asked by Bob Herguth on Apr 2, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2017 by Bob Herguth

LPC 1769 RevB, LPC Expresso v8.2.2 Build 650, Semihosted C


I have run the code below out to the 1769 using the attached programmer.  It worked once and then I could step into the code therafter, but the LED never lit again.  This example doesn't actually, blink, but should turn on the red LED.  I took the board to a friend, and he was able to get my blinky blinking using the LPC-Link2 programmer, so I bought one and it also is able to program the part and step into the code, but does not blink the light.  I tried to program the flash with mass erase and the ISPResetConnect.scp file which had no apparent effect on the problem.  I now have 4 boards with this issue, since I thought that I was damaging them until my friend's setup was able to revive them.  I also tried using the USB cable direct to the PC and to a different PC.  I am unable to find any references to this issue, since most of the reset type questions involve not being able to debug.  I have always been able to program and debug these parts.  Something is keeping the IO from working.



#ifdef __USE_CMSIS
#include "LPC17xx.h"

#include "board.h"
#include <cr_section_macros.h>

#include <stdio.h>
#define LED0_GPIO_PORT_NUM 0
#define LED0_GPIO_BIT_NUM 22

// TODO: insert other include files here

// TODO: insert other definitions and declarations here

int main(void) {


//Board_LED_Set(0, !Board_LED_Test(0));
printf("Hello World\n");

// Force the counter to be placed into memory
volatile static int i = 0 ;
// Enter an infinite loop, just incrementing a counter
while(1) {
i++ ;
return 0 ;