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What RTC driver and part for the LS1043ARDB?

Question asked by Tracy Smith on Mar 29, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2017 by Pavel Chubakov

1) To clarify, what is the RTC part number used by the LS1043ARDB eval board? 


2) What driver is  used for that RTC part number on the LS1043ARDB eval?


3) To be more specific, is the RTC part number for the LS1043ARDB eval the M41T81S part


In kernel defconfig and .config, I see the following DS3232 configured, which I believe may be the Dallas off-chip part discussed in the SDK documentation.  But the RTC chip is not the DS3232 off-chip part from what I understand.  Is the RTC part number for the LS1043ARDB eval the M41T81S


I see the M41T80 but NXP  doesn't have this driver configured in the kernel configuration.  





So, I'm confused what part and driver is being used for the real-time clock on the LS1043ardb that provides the clock for the 5 WDOGs.


4) Is the SDK 2.0 kernel configured and is it using the RTC at  on the LS1043ARDB eval board even though the RTC logic is there and presumably works? 


Please clarify for customers the part number, driver, and what is or is not being used on the LS1043ARDB for the RTC that provides the clock to the 5 WDOGs. This is a bit frustrating for customers that need the WDOGs even if they may be planning to use an "off-chip" RTC.


5) Has the RTC been validated on the LS1043ARDB?