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MPC5748G ENET Multicast Rx

Question asked by Sunil Kumar on Mar 29, 2017


I have been trying to send and receive raw packets between two MPC5748G and Linux Machine.

and I have tried the same with the UDP packets but unable to receive raw packets sent from Linux Machine.

As Per mentioned in Reference manual of MPC5748G.Receive raw packets via Multicast is possible in two ways.

1. Enable Promiscuous mode

2. Set hash table configuration registers.


I have tried by enabling promiscuous mode but its too noisy which allows all packets and i am stuck in setting hash table configuration registers which i am not clear about.


Could anyone please guide my in "How to receive raw packets using Multicast" and what should i have to fill in GAUR/GALR or IAUR/IALR registers to get the raw packets sent from Linux machine to MPC5748G.


Thank you.