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LS1043A, PCIe Link up query

Question asked by Logesh S on Mar 29, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2018 by Ryan Joy



In LS1043A, PCIe Gen2 interface is connected between LS1043A and Trident 2+ Broadcom Switch. For Trident 2+ switch all the clocks has to be configured only in Linux. Only after all the clocks for Trident 2+ are configured, Reset for Trident 2+ is released. Hence Trident 2+ Switch is released from reset literally after 5 MINUTES of processor reset. 


So we need to establish the PCIe link only after the switch is released from reset (that is 5mins). In this procedure, please suggest do we have any issue in establishing PCIe link between LS1043A and Trident 2+ switch.


Also suggest us in our case does the PCIe link will be established automatically or do we need to take any precautions or do we need to follow any particular procedure?