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what's the lowest cost of imx6 to 4-1080p30 cameras in mipi and 3D display production?

Question asked by 翔李 on Mar 29, 2017
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I am going to design a 3D production base on imx6 series IC,whic inputs 4 channel 1080P30 or P25 LVDS camera's video,then by MAXIM MAX9286 to output MIPI to imx6,and Panorama Stitching,at last,IMX6 outputs 3D display.


Is it neccessary to have 2 IPUs because of the 4 channel 1800p30 camera video in?




I know IMX6Q can do it but the high cost,so can IMX6 DUAL LITE or solo can? Or IMX6 DUAL? I like the lowest cost case.




MAX9286 Quad 1.5Gbps GMSL Deserializer with Coax or STP Input and CSI-2 Output - Maxim