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W41Z_REED_MENP_KDS doesn't compile on KDS 3.2.0

Question asked by Bruno Lemesle Employee on Mar 29, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2017 by Dhvanil Patel

I Get the MENP KW41Z Firmware’s KDS Project from extranet and extract it at C:\Temp\KW41Z_REED_MENP_KDS on my PC (which is a quite short path).


Then , I import this existing KDS project for KW41Z MENP end node in my KDS workspace from C:\Temp\KW41Z_REED_MENP_KDS\boards\frdmkw41z\wireless_examples\thread\router_eli


When I compile, a lot of errors because all paths are invalid (cf invalid_path.jpg).


After a short investigation, I right click on the project and Go to, Properties -> C/C++ Build -> Settings ->Cross ARM C Compiler -> Includes

I notice that all paths are hard coded “../../…….” (cf include_path.jpg)


Does anyone have this issue and have fixed it?