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BLDC motor control for speed track

Question asked by Mariano Tisera on Mar 28, 2017

Hi, we need to control a BLDC motor (turbine blower system to get air flow and pressure) with hall sensors in order to get fast and accurate speed track, fast acceleration (first quadrant) and fast deceleration (second quadrant); for example from 40000 rpm change to 10000 rpm in 50 ms (step down) or from 5000 rpm to 70000 rpm in 50ms (step up), or change speed up or down following a ramp.


some motor data:
Parameter    unit        typ    
Voltage    V        24    
current    A        5    
speed max    rpm        75000    




- Is FRDM-KV31F + FRDM-GD3000EVBFRDM-PWRSTG the best solution for this application?

- can motor suite handle this motor ?

- which control do you recommend?


- motor suite can be used with HALL sensors?


- motor suite libraries can make brake with torque (2 quadrant)?