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iMX6 Backlight Brightness Configuration

Question asked by Kevin Mahlie on Mar 28, 2017

I am attempting to adjust the backlight configuration on my iMX6 device. As of ow I can control the back light via sysfs terminal window at /sys/class/backlight/brightness. The picture below shows the backlight configuration. Note that I changed status = disabled to "okay" in order to enable the driver. 


My question involves changing the brightness levels and max_brightness configuration. I have modified the brightness array to add the additional corresponding values that are needed for my application. The array is now a total of 16 indices. The issue is that when I go to set the brightness I still can only set values from 0-7. The max_brightness file located @ /sys/class/backlight/backlightXX/max_brightness will not allow me set the value above 7 even though I have adjusted the brightness array size. Does anyone know how to fix this?