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KV10 debugging/single stepping issues - KDS

Question asked by Chris Phelan on Mar 29, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2017 by Carlos_Mendoza

Greetings. I am working on a product that will be using a KV10 in production. I started development using the KV10 freedom board (mkv10z32), Kinetis design studio (3.2.0) and SDK2.0. In general, single step debugging was a miserable experience, location in code was frequently lost and code was not (at least visually) single stepped through - note that running up to a breakpoint was generally not a problem. I thought the issue may have been related to the SDA interface, but the problem persisted using a JLINK, SWD, and the JTAG connection. I've since moved to a custom board design using the mkv10v64. The issues with single step debugging are now even worse. I cannot begin to debug if breakpoints are set before flashing the device - if I do, I get a "No source available for "0x0" error. If I try to "resume" debugging (even though it hasn't commenced), I'll get a "No source available for "__isr_vector() at 0x0" error. I am now also getting a lot of hard fault errors that I never received while working with the freedom board. I suspect there are a few issues in play, but I would like to hear any/all ideas about ways to correct these problems. Note that I did copy/paste my mkv10z32 code to my mkv10z64 project, but I don't see anywhere where this might be creating a conflict. Rapid help appreciated - thanks! -Chris