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Malfunction in entering/waking-up from VLLS states

Question asked by Gaurav Banyal on Mar 28, 2017
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I am programming an MKL03Z usingn Keil MDK5 and using the J-link probe for flashing and debugging.

I have the following problem. At times, when entering into from run state OR waking-up from VLLS3 or VLLS0 states to RUN states, the system stalls. What I noticed is that the multicolored LED on the Segger J-link plus probe turns Orange and stays there. In the J-link manual, I see the following:


Then I examined the reset line on the oscilloscope and I notice that when this problem happens the reset line looks like this (the BLUE signal which looks like a saw):


The only way to recover from this situation is to flash program the MCU.

The reset pin (PTA1) is connected only to the JTAG port on the reset pin. 


Any ideas on what causes this and how this can be avoided will be a great deal of help.


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